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  1. http://www.hackandcheatscentral.us/

    Ani Pema Chödrön, whom I first quoted and wrote a little biography for in this post.  This is it: Life is glorious, but life is also wretched. It is both. Appreciating the

  2. http://www./

    Pfeffernuse. I use to hate it when my Dad would bring it home. Now I love it. Some things get better as we age, huh. Looks so good Mary. Everything you do looks good.

  3. kredit darlehen orte hypothek grundschuld

    At Above ^^^I went to see her on her latest tour as well, she was Amazing & she had much better stage presence than I expected. I will definitely be seeing her live again when I get the opportunity.Thanks for the commentM@rkwww.urbanreview.co.uk

  4. http://www.lareddelgolfo.org/

    Thanks for the great tips, I use to live in AZ and the advise on saving windshield wipers would have come in very handy. They dry out and crack so quickly their.

  5. Belle

    Thank you for being bold enough to set the record sttgaihr. I love the fact that you call out legalism and challenge us to be relevant and honest with our HISTORY!!

  6. ArtMus


  7. Kroosduiker

    Whahahaha….te laat!{#brancard}

  8. Elise

    Hahah, tja,  ach opstaan en verder gaan hé


    Fijne maandag, Elise

  9. Hanny

    Ik moet meteen aan dochterlief denken die met schaatsen gevallen is. Maar dat was niet op een kruising, geloof ik.

  10. Di Mario

    Dat is bokko…

    Love As Always
    Di Mario

  11. Jetske

    Die is superleuk en heel toepasselijk nu bij het schaatsen.

  12. Me!

    Dat is dan auw…

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